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How We Perform Negative Miracles
Crystal Wand Healing
What Do You Think?
What Ever You Think
Parables for People (Free download for Kindle available)
Quantum Mass Superstructures

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How We Perform Negative Miracles

How We Perform Negative Miracles

Barnes & Noble (Nook)


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This booklet is probably best described as an introduction to the "Law of Attraction". If this subject is fairly new to you, this book is the place to start.

Every day of our lives we witness amazing things. Some events we perceive as enjoyable and others as simply annoying! All events are recorded but our unconscious feeling and our conscious thought often interpret things differently.

How We Perform Negative Miracles is all about helping people to realise that we have a big say in creating the life we experience. We can actually produce our own positive miracles and it is so simple! This booklet gives you valuable insight into how.

For various reasons, our outlook on life as individuals can often be negative and pessimistic. By this I mean that it is easier to think of what might go wrong, than it is to think of what will go right. How often have we complained that something may not go well for us? Why are we so surprised therefore, when things do not work out? We have actually performed, very successfully, a negative miracle.

I am calling these situations 'negative miracles’ because, by and large, we associate such amazing events as not being conducive to what we would like to happen. We also believe that they arise from outside of ourselves - things that ‘happen to us’ rather than things that we create as a result of our own thoughts and actions.

The reason for negative attraction is due to the amount of time and energy we put into thinking about our problems... We do not spend time thinking about what is going right because it is pleasant and therefore not a worry!

Because you accept something does not mean you cannot change something. Think in terms of moving more towards something new and not being bound by something that may currently exist.

Ask the universe to help you move towards a different experience; one that makes you happier. If you do this with genuine feeling, within only a short time – perhaps days or a few weeks – something will change.

People who have read this booklet say:

"This booklet is an excellent and simple introduction to the complex subject of concious creation. Anyone starting out upon the road of how, 'you create yourown reality', will find this a very easy to read introduction. Even people with a deeper understanding may find important insights contained within. I have read most of Jane Roberts, Seth material, books but still gained further understanding from this book". - P.Deakin, S.Yorks, UK.

"'How we perform Negative Miracles' is concise and cuts to the chase rather than simply filling up space with, most often, voluminous peripheral information and confusing anecdotal examples. Gentle has distilled concepts from books like the "Seth Material" and others with astute personal insights into a ten minute read that can change your life." - George Glasser, Hoyland Nether, UK.

"I found Richard Gentle's book a wholesome comfort, having read a wide range of self-help books over the years, and dipped sporadically into various religions and belief systems. I very much enjoyed the way in which it is placed firmly in everyday life, is written in plain, understandable English, is totally accessible both in terms of its physical qualities (a slim volume!) and in content. An absolute necessity for the personal ready reference section." - Sandra, West Yorkshire

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Crystal Wand Healing

Crystal Wand Healing


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This book is about both healing and maintaining health with information on making and using a Crystal Wand to speed up the healing process.

Illness and injury have become an accepted part of our lives. However, we can all do more to help ourselves and others gain an improvement in health or achieve complete recovery from illness.

Through experiments with using a Crystal Wand, the author takes you on a unique tour of healing.

You will be guided through the process of natural healing, learn how to increase your own healing ability through simple exercises, make your own Crystal Wand, and discover the enormous benefits obtainable through Personal Action Intervention.

In the years ahead, people will have to learn to rely more on their own abilities to maintain good health - for themselves, their families, and their children. We all have to take personal responsibility for our own well-being and realise that we are the creative source of everything that happens to us in life.

There are many reasons why people suffer injury or illness. There are also many symptoms whose causes may not at first seem clear. I was once told that our natural state is one of health, but no one really explained what that meant and why so many of us become afflicted with such a variety of ailments. Over time, I have realised the truth of this statement and come to understand its amazing message: You can choose to be well.

Used correctly, the wand will not absorb and harbour energy from a client, thus it is safe to use between clients. The nature of use is one of projecting energy out rather than 'drawing it in'.

People who have read this book say:

“I do a lot of building restoration work and my thumb had been playing up for years. I was very sceptical about the wand but was amazed! I felt a slight electrical tingly feeling and it’s been perfect ever since. It definitely works”. - Phil, West Sussex

"Very nice little book with complete instructions on how to make a wand and how to use it for healing. The instructions are for making a wand out of copper tube with a crystal on top, how to cleanse it how to program it, how to store it and exercises to learn to use your wand and to activate it. How to heal different kind of illnesses e.g injury, physical illnesses, symptoms as messages, monitoring physical discomfort etc." - D. Tzoutzouraki (Athens, Greece)

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See more healing testimonials on the
Hand of Light website.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

Barnes & Noble

Amazon Kindle

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Richard Gentle reads Part 1 audio (28:00) Click play arrow to start and anywhere on top edge of bar to stop.

The latest and revised information from 'How We Perform Negative Miracles', 'More Than You Think' and a little bit about 'Quantum Mass Superstructures'!

This book expands on
'How We Perform Negative Miracles' and provides more depth and information on the processes you can develop to create the life you wish to experience.

Did you know that everything in your life comes down to what you think about most often?

Your thoughts reflect your feelings about your experiences... and your experiences form your beliefs about your life... and when you see your beliefs manifest in line with your next experience... this reinforces that you are right in having the beliefs that you hold.

But what happens when your beliefs are no longer serving your best interests? How do you change the way you feel when emotional feelings just seem to happen? This book provides a unique overview of human life in the physical realm and the way people interact in multidimensional ways with not only their planet, but also their universe. It also helps you to change your feelings and, by association, change your unhelpful beliefs... and you can start right now... by feeling good about something... anything! Cake

What Do You Think? asks the reader just that. Because, what you think and how you interpret what you think, is fundamental to your success and wellbeing throughout your life... and even across your very existence. Understand, let go and stop worrying. Join the game of life and decide how things are going to be for YOU!

We are commonly born into the world of physical existence from the physical union of our parents. We develop and grow in size and awareness – learning about the environment we are in and exploring its possibilities (often within the confines determined by those who are around us). We develop understandings of pleasure and pain; joy and sadness; love and hate; security and fear, etc. We then spend the remainder of our years on the planet, wondering what life is all about; why we are here; and whether or not we continue in any way after physical death. Oh, and along with all the above, most of us complain incessantly that nothing in the world is to our personal liking!

At a distance from something, we often see it as insignificant or straight forward. It’s easy to view something from afar and maintain control though non-attachment. In the same way, looking at the Earth from space is beautiful to behold.

After a while, instead of looking forward to the next day of our game play, some of us start to ask: “Why am I here? Why am I in this environment? What am I supposed to do? No one in their right mind would have chosen this existence!”

Alongside the basic rules, there are ‘levels’ within the game that humans can progress through. Let’s say [arbitrarily] we all start at level 1 and eventually arrive at level 9. This may take many physical lifetimes to achieve. Throughout the course of each level, we gather both wisdom and detritus; tools and baggage. We climb ladders and slip down snakes. We move across the board, trying to avoid hazards and penalties… hoping to land on ‘take a chance’ or ‘pass ‘go’ and collect 200’.

... a stone may appear ‘dead’ to us and an insect that lives for only a day may seem pointless! On the other hand, from the perspective of a stone, individual humans do not last very long.

The ego was naturally focused on everything physical and convinced the consciousness in mind that only physical reality was worth acknowledging. It reinforced the sense of “I am” and “separateness” by asserting: “This is me and that is the world – out there!”

Everyone has a choice as to what they want to be and what they want to be involved in, or with. Consciously, each individual has to realise that he or she can make that choice at any and every stage of the game. Often, the only reason for not making a choice to change your game-play situation is fear of the repercussions of making such a choice or moving out of your ‘comfort zone’ . At such times when you want to change something, remember that the universe is essentially a safe place – unless you decide to make aspects of it unsafe in your perception of personal reality.

Learning and assimilating new information is not a linear process. Most learning is done in context and within the environment that the learning is taking place in. Yet, in our western society particularly, we insist on removing children from their natural environment and incarcerating them in walled buildings for between 12 and 14 years of their lives!

One of the interesting perplexities of using the mind to create is that you then become influenced by your own creation.

Thomas Young's double-slit experiment illustrates that when we observe something, it takes a form...


If you want to know your personal state of being, look around you in the physical world and really ‘observe’ what is there.

“Please give me lots of money”. Well, what’s wrong with that? It’s asking for something – so why hasn’t all that money transpired?

See how your average children learn through play. The only thing that sets us apart from children, as adults, is that we often feel we cannot relax into playfulness. Besides, we have responsibilities, children to look after, money to find and bills to pay, etc. These thoughts spoil our ability to really ‘let go’, feel free and act spontaneously. We are constantly constrained by our thinking and our worries or fears.

We create the personal circumstances we need for ourselves. It’s almost like being measured up for tailored clothing. However, what usually happens is that we forget we put in the order and blame everyone else, but ourselves, for what we end up with and what we are experiencing.

Physically, we can make manifest anything that we can focus on. But while we are creating, give some thought to others. Don't trash the playground!

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What Ever You Think

What Ever You Think

Amazon Kindle


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This book is a concise compilation of possibly the most important information ever given to humanity. If you are familiar with the subjects discussed in my previous books (shown above) you will be in the best position to gain the most from this work.

Although the information contained within is widely available, it has never before appeared in one place. This is not a religious book, but if it was, it could be the Bible for the 21st century. The information is concise, precise, and timeless and has taken 32 years of investigation to sift through the key messages and instructions for life-changing action, based on both the personal experience of the author, Richard Gentle, and that of three off-world sources: Seth, Abraham, and Bashar.

All quotes are displayed in italics for quick reference, meaning that you also get the original unadulterated text along with Richard's personal linking comentary.


You may think you share the same Earth as everyone else, but what if you actually do not? Mystics and channelled entities have informed us for many years that we all experience our own unique worlds; our own versions of the Earth; that we create our own individual experiences of reality.

We are also informed that Humans are multidimensional - not only physical in the way we usually appear to one
another, but also with energy that extends into many different realms of conscious existence.

We are told about the simultaneous nature of existence - that past, present and future do not actually exist as separated time intervals.


If all this is true, how can we take advantage of this knowledge? How can we understand something that seems
to go against so much of what we think we know and already

Our channelled entities tell us that, in order to experience something, we have to be in vibrational alignment to that which we will experience or wish to receive:

Abraham: "Thought is vibration and law of attraction brings more thought to it."

Bashar: "You cannot perceive of what you are not the vibration of."

Seth: "Your feeling-tones are your emotional attitudes toward yourself and life in general, and these generally govern the large areas of experience."

There are two quick and easy ways to determine what I shall call the ‘quality’ of your vibrational output:

1. Look around your immediate environment and observe what you notice and how you feel about it.
2. Consciously notice how you feel most of the time, regardless of transitory moods.

It's all very simple really. Stare at something coloured red and convince yourself that it's yellow!

People who have read this book say:

"I read your book with great interest. I have read the Seth books fairly recently and felt a real resonance with the concepts and ideas that 'Seth' proposes. However, the Seth books can be intense and sometimes hard to digest. What I thought your book did well was to crystallise the main components of not just Seth's ideas, but of other complimentary writers with a similar framework of ideas. You apply the principles to relevant situations in a clear and concise way that serves to illustrate those principles. I have lent your book to a friend who is interested in the Seth books, but finds them difficult to get to grips with. I am sure that your book will be a good introduction for her to Seth. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge in the direction of some pretty mind boggling ways of viewing the universe and our place within it - your book fulfills that function well.

" I am going to further my reading based on your bibliography and am looking forward to this enormously. May the force be with you!" - Lorraine (Yorkshire).

"A great book about personal reality, co-creation and the Law of Attraction. Using information from three channels from which to bounce ideas off from. Would recommend this book for anyone." - Sally M Pain (Essex, England)

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Richard's review on the back of Living a Safe Universe Vol. 4

“Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic Health is the perfect progression from the previous three books of this series. We are now invited by Lynda Madden Dahl to think differently about who we are and how we function. She carefully draws together, and then breaks apart, key Seth information to help the reader really see, feel, and understand the collective components of the whole self. Through a series of carefully constructed bullet points, statements, and exercises, Lynda instantly expands our true self out of the confines of physical constructs and linear-time reality, carefully guiding us until, like walking through our bedroom door into a vast cathedral space of possibilities, we deeply sense a complete and renewed wellbeing – a new ‘whole self reality.’” — Richard J W Gentle


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Parables for People - Kindle download

Parables for People If you would like a FREE Kindle download (mobi format) complete my contact form with 'Parables' in the comment box.

Alternative stories for modern times
Many of us are familiar with the 'parable' format - short stories with symbolism and metaphor to help us understand something in a different way. This collection of 5 short stories is based around this idea of conveying helpful information in accessible and sometimes humorous ways. The other unique feature of these stories is their underlying law of attraction messages.

1. Empra’s New Nose
2. The Tailored Suit
3. Adding weight to your obesity
4. Road Works
5. Cars, Trucks and Tractors


Empra’s New Nose
“Well then Mr Empra.” exclaimed the surgeon as he handed over a book of noses. “It’s not impossible to change, although to be honest, your nose looks perfectly normal to me.”

Empra remained silent – turning to yet another page of noses. There were so many noses… To be honest, he was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

The Tailored Suit
One day a man was given the pattern for a brand new suit. The basic pattern, although quite plain, was nevertheless elegant in its drawing. The man took the pattern home and laid it out on his table. “This is a rather ordinary suit.” he thought. “Perhaps I can change it to improve it.”

He folded the pattern neatly and placed it in a big envelope – wrote the name and address of his chosen tailor, and posted it.

Adding weight to your obesity
She had tried all manner of diets, drinks and fasting – but nothing… I repeat NOTHING had reduced her size. In fact, if anything, she now seemed larger than ever before!

"Wherever you focus your thoughts - that's what you attract more of into your life." replied the woman.

Road Works
Returning home, he met the road works again. The queue was about the same so he knew what to expect in the time it would take to clear them.

The next day, he decided he would definitely not care about being stopped by road works. He would not change route either. He started to wonder if these blocks to going to work were symbolic of not enjoying his job and wanting to delay getting there.

Cars, Trucks and Tractors
Just as he approached the junction, the other car decided to pull out ahead of him.

After a while, he started to get tired of his anger and annoyance. There were simply too many people and too many vehicles! Nevertheless, he decided to modify his attitude.

People who have read this book say:

I love the nose story and the memory of the story has stayed with me. Short easy to follow messsges." - Sally M Pain (Essex, England)


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Quantum Mass Superstructures
- Creating the world you experience

Quantum Mass Superstructures

Barnes & Noble

Please note the front cover of this book has been
improved as shown but, in some stores it may stll be
selling with its original cover. No change in content.

40% off when bought directly from lulu (£15.00)

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(pdf file) View an audio-visual presentation

This book was written as a result of a reunion visit to Starlab, Barcelona, on Friday 21 October, 2011 and describes how the physical universe and the world we all experience was born from creative consciousness. This book explains how individuals and groups create their physical realities and includes colour illustrations. This book explains the link between conscious creative mind and physical manifestation. (As bought by world renown explorer and author, Graham Hancock)

For many years, there have been two camps: the mystical/spiritual and the physical/scientific. What follows, is part of my story in arriving at a heuristic view to inform further investigations.

It wasn’t long before I realised, that if you had ideas about an area of specialism – but, you were not a recognised practitioner in the field – then writing a fictional account of your beliefs was by far the best way of testing your ideas on a wider audience.


What surprised him was not that the lead did indeed turn to gold but, that it would not remain as gold and very quickly reverted to its original state of lead.

Quantum Mass Superstructures –

• Originate from creative mind
• Grow through attraction
• Bond by agreement
• Expand through reinforcement
• Solidify over [experienced linear] time

One of the interesting and critical things about any quantum mass superstructure is that: As acceptance grows, “reality” becomes more solid.

We can all experience the duplicity of location when we daydream; you can experience more than one locality at once. Similarly, we now have the means to have multiple instant online text conversations with several people in several countries simultaneously at different local times – something we could not have believed possible only a few decades ago.

Consider now though, a growing collective questioning of a long-held belief that no longer fulfils our need to understand something in the present moment of experienced time. Perhaps something we observed no longer fits the model we have created to explain it.

It challenges the credibility and reputation of many [scientists] who have built their knowledge on a potentially false axiom. If it turns out to be a new truth, a lot of people are going to feel that their reputations are diminished. It is obviously in the interests of those concerned to defend the status quo at all costs.

Our perception of reality is coloured by our pre-existing experiences and personal beliefs. This makes it very difficult to actually know: What is a “truth”? What really exists and what does not? It is almost impossible for us to respond to anything without personal bias.

When you have a thought about any pre-existing idea, you actually change the nature of what exists…

For a considerable time, the human race has preserved some sense of perceived order – possibly because a few groups generally controlled the populations of creative thinkers around the world. It was possible for most QMS to coexist. Of course, we are talking about different QMS coexisting and this brings us to the touch plane. (When different QMS come into close proximity, there is a likelihood that they will make contact. The point at which contact is made, I have called the “touch plane”).

The number of QMS contained in the Earth is beyond human comprehension.

The interaction of QMS can be very forgiving but, in highly populated areas of the world, we are experiencing the plane edges of colliding QMS and it’s where these edges meet that we experience the greatest changes in our perceptions of reality.

Sometimes, we do not need a lot of words to convey meaning. For example, imagine a lovely sunset.

We actually have two realities, as human beings living in the physical world. The first reality is that there are things that form a basic structure and context for our survival and understanding. The second is that we create personal experiences of reality that can vary from other people.

Scientifically, just because the spiritual person can manifest a drink of coffee, does not mean that he or she knows how it happens!

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