Crystal Wand Healing

This book is about both healing and maintaining health with information on making and using a Crystal Wand to speed up the healing process. Click for content Listing (pdf file)

Illness and injury have become an accepted part of our lives. However, we can all do more to help ourselves and others gain an improvement in health or achieve complete recovery from illness.

Through experiments with using a Crystal Wand, the author takes you on a unique tour of healing.

You will be guided through the process of natural healing, learn how to increase your own healing ability through simple exercises, make your own Crystal Wand, and discover the enormous benefits obtainable through Personal Action Intervention.

In the years ahead, people will have to learn to rely more on their own abilities to maintain good health – for themselves, their families, and their children. We all have to take personal responsibility for our own well-being and realise that we are the creative source of everything that happens to us in life.

There are many reasons why people suffer injury or illness. There are also many symptoms whose causes may not at first seem clear. I was once told that our natural state is one of health, but no one really explained what that meant and why so many of us become afflicted with such a variety of ailments. Over time, I have realised the truth of this statement and come to understand its amazing message: You can choose to be well.

Used correctly, the wand will not absorb and harbour energy from a client, thus it is safe to use between clients. The nature of use is one of projecting energy out rather than ‘drawing it in’.

People who have read this book say…

“I do a lot of building restoration work and my thumb had been playing up for years. I was very sceptical about the wand but was amazed! I felt a slight electrical tingly feeling and it’s been perfect ever since. It definitely works”. – Phil, West Sussex

“Very nice little book with complete instructions on how to make a wand and how to use it for healing. The instructions are for making a wand out of copper tube with a crystal on top, how to cleanse it how to program it, how to store it and exercises to learn to use your wand and to activate it. How to heal different kind of illnesses e.g injury, physical illnesses, symptoms as messages, monitoring physical discomfort etc.” – D. Tzoutzouraki (Athens, Greece)

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