Attend a Meetup

Meetup - people than ever before, are now questioning the inflexible lives they are leading and wondering what is going to happen to them in an uncertain world landscape. Many feel constantly trapped by circumstances they seem powerless to change. Others feel more stress than joy.

Richard Gentle is a spiritual thinker, teacher, healer, writer and creator, of over 35 years insight who offers those who wish to change, a measure of guidance in this area.

Through shared and open conversation over a tea or coffee, we can explore some of the realities we believe make up our lives and examine the origins of such beliefs. We can then decide how relevant they are to each of us and make conscious decisions based on 100% personal responsibility for self, to input our creative intent to live fuller and more rewarding lives.

There are many ways people can make changes and behind all of the many ‘alternative’ methods extolled, there are actually only a few underlying ‘truths’ that apply to every one and every thing.

Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith and release your fears. Sometimes you only need to make one or two minor changes to propel yourself to a new level of awareness.

There is no formal membership of this group and you can simply come along to events as and when you please. You are also welcome to make suggestions with respect to days and times that fit with your usual daily commitments. You can talk on Skype or FaceTime, or attend a Wisdom Walk.

For more information, visit Chat to Change. (Link opens new website page).

You may also be interested in attending Holistic Connections. This is a free access group that meets at the riversMEET Café and Crafts, Methley, LS26 9EP, approximately once a month at 10 am. This group has informal, friendly discussion on many ‘spiritual’, non-religious, subjects, with a couple of short talks, on different subjects, each month.