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More Than You Think

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This book gives a detailed overview of the reality creating process in the guise of a game and fills in the gaps in understanding often left out by ‘law of attraction’ books. By following the principles clearly described, your life and circumstances will improve greatly; you won’t feel like a victim of situations beyond your control; and you will actively take responsibility for your life in new and powerfully creative ways.

We are commonly born into the world of physical existence from the physical union of our parents’ egg and sperm. We develop and grow in size and awareness – learning about the environment we are in and exploring its possibilities (often within the confines determined by those who are around us). We develop understandings of pleasure and pain; joy and sadness; love and hate; security and fear, etc. We then spend the remainder of our years on the planet, wondering what life is all about; why we are here; and whether or not we continue in any way after physical death. Oh, and along with all the above, most of us complain incessantly that nothing in the world is to our personal liking!

At a distance from something, we often see it as insignificant or straight forward. It’s easy to view something from afar and maintain control though non-attachment. In the same way, looking at the Earth from space is beautiful to behold.

After a while, instead of looking forward to the next day of our game play, some of us start to ask: “Why am I here? Why am I in this environment? What am I supposed to do? No one in their right mind would have chosen this existence!”

Alongside the basic rules, there are ‘levels’ within the game that humans can progress through. Let’s say [arbitrarily] we all start at level 1 and eventually arrive at level 9. This may take many physical lifetimes to achieve. Throughout the course of each level, we
gather both wisdom and detritus; tools and baggage. We climb ladders and slip down snakes. We move across the board, trying to avoid hazards and penalties… hoping to land on ‘take a chance’ or ‘pass ‘go’ and collect 200’.

… a stone may appear ‘dead’ to us and an insect that lives for only a day may seem pointless! On the other hand, from the perspective of a stone, individual humans do not last very long.

Consciousness is not physical matter. However, I would qualify this statement by saying that it does affect physical matter and this, we can observe and measure and will continue to get better at measuring/detecting, etc. For example, we can measure some of the emanations of consciousness, as they connect with physical particles, e.g. brainwaves.

Soul is the individualized component of the collective consciousness that can acknowledge its self-realization and enable a detached physical expression of consciousness to experience a physical reality in the terms of ‘separateness’ we currently understand as being individual, physical beings.

The biggest confusion that most people have with discussing the quantum world of physics, and the consciousness which drives everything in the universe, is that they insist that everything is physical at every level.

The ego was naturally focused on everything physical and convinced the consciousness in mind that only physical reality was worth acknowledging. It reinforced the sense of “I am” and “separateness” by asserting: “This is me and that is the world – out there!”

The three illusions of physical reality:

1. Physical reality is all that exists

2. You are separate from everything else

3. Time exists and is linear – encompassing past, present and future

In human terms, our thoughts and actions change our own vibratory nature. Lower quality energy increases our density and higher quality vibrational frequencies reduce our density.

Our lives are very much about ‘relationship’ – relationship to and with, not only other ‘beings’, but also with other ‘things’; this ties in with ‘action and reaction’ (science) – ‘cause
and effect’ (the eastern notion of Karma). The essence of this being that our connection with everything is far-reaching. This is why humankind was encouraged [biblically] to: ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’. This is also the basis for the positive power of universal love. Giving to others [unconditionally] and desiring the very best of anything possible for others – whether family, friends, creatures, or enemies – is the highest form of the expression of love and non-separateness (and also non-attachment).

One of the problems with having an individual perspective on reality, but living in an environment shared by others, is that it will always be challenged until it can be authenticated by others in their own experience. This is possibly one reason why most people in the developed world have such difficulties with personal communication – whether between one and one other, or between one and several, or several and several.

Everyone has a choice as to what they want to be and what they want to be involved in, or with. Consciously, each individual has to realise that he/she can make that choice at any and every stage of the game. Often, the only reason for not making a choice to change your game-play situation is fear of the repercussions of making such a choice. At such times when you want to change something, remember that the universe is essentially a safe place – unless you decide to make aspects of it unsafe in your perception of personal reality.

Learning and assimilating new information is not a linear process. Most learning is done in context and within the environment that the learning is taking place in. Yet, in our western society particularly, we insist on removing children from their natural environment and incarcerating them in walled buildings for between 12 and 14 years of their lives!

Do you really want to trash the playground? If you only take what you need, there will always be plenty for everyone.

There are many ways to leave the game and possibly, some of them may not appear to be consciously chosen.

So many people have become emotionally separated from their origin, and caught up in the material acquisition and expansion of personal avarice, that very soon the physical environment – the playground – will be unusable and unrepairable.

Imagine all of those times you’ve mislaid the instructions to something. It’s quite sad that humankind lost its [original] handbooks – for whatever reasons. Mind you, lots of us would still plug in the new equipment and try switching it on before even considering removing the instructions from their packaging. After all – how difficult can it be?

In some ways, discovering that our physical universe is formed in a completely different way to what we thought is a bit like someone in a Star Trek “Holodeck” program suddenly seeing a bit of the actual spaceship and questioning their own sense of ‘what is real?’

Beliefs are exactly what the heading says: Beliefs. Beliefs are not ‘actuality’ and they are not ‘truth’ or ‘knowing’.

One of the interesting perplexities of using the mind to create is that you then become influenced by your own creation.

If you want to know your personal state of being, look around you in the physical world and really ‘observe’ what is there.

The single greatest difficulty, for the majority of human inhabitants, is actually a difficulty that most of them do not even recognise.

“Please give me lots of money”. Well, what’s wrong with that? It’s asking for something – so why hasn’t all that money transpired?

See how your average children learn through play. The only thing that sets us apart from children, as adults, is that we often feel we cannot relax into playfulness. Besides, we have responsibilities, children to look after, money to find and bills to pay, etc. These thoughts spoil our ability to really ‘let go’ and feel free. We are constantly constrained by our thinking and our worries/fears.

We create the personal circumstances we need for ourselves. It’s almost like being measured up for tailored clothing. However, what usually happens is that we forget we put in the order and blame everyone else, but ourselves, for what we end up with and what we are experiencing.

Physically, we can make manifest anything that we can focus on.

It involves 100% personal responsibility; respect for self as well as others; and sends out a vibrational message to consciousness that a positive change at a physical level is desired.

People who have read this book say:

This book is such a rich mix of spiritual and personal development themes! Richard Gentle explains in simple, practical and often humorous ways the ‘Game of Life’ that most of us are currently playing unconsciously and brings new understanding and awareness to it. Gentle offers a viewing position from both a scientific and quantum physics level and various sources of ancient wisdom (such as the Mayans) to examine this human stage of ‘sleeping’ so that we can play a more consciously awake ‘Game of Life’. I enjoyed the way it explored what stops and blocks this process as well as giving practical clear and concise descriptions of ‘tools’ that help clear blocks e.g. Vipassana Meditation, Ho’oponopono and EFT. As a ‘user’ of all these tools, I found this useful. The
book gives the reader real life situations of how the Law of Attraction is at work and this very readable book is brilliant whether you are on the first ‘rung’ of the ladder of conscious living or a few rungs up! – Lynette Robinson

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More Than You Think (Compendium)

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More Than You Think (Compendium)

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This compendium version of the book ‘More Than You Think’ includes the material from ‘How We Perform Negative Miracles’ and a new additional section on ‘Raising Vibration’.


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