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Richard talks with Constance Arnold on Law of Attraction Radio's Think, Believe and Manifest Show (July 28 2013)


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There Is No Secret - Press Release (April 2013) (PDF)

The Gentle Way To Enlightenment - Press Release (January 2013) (PDF)

QMS and More Than You Think - Press Release (April 2012) (PDF)

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Richard Gentle was born in The White House, Gloucestershire, in 1961, but has spent most of his life living in Yorkshire (England UK). The eldest of 3 children, Richard came into the world with a strong sense of purpose to discover and create. Between the ages of 7 and 16 he gained a reputation for making several vehicles and being an inventor and a photographer. At age 9 he even set up a museum in an old chicken shed to raise money for his school. It was around this time that he began to have spiritual thoughts and feelings.

Despite attending several workshops and seminars on ‘alternative/spiritual’ subjects throughout his college years, he still ended up trying to integrate with mainstream society and between 1984 and 2001 had held a number of jobs from garage forecourt attendant, through photographer and audio-visual technician, to school teacher and college instructor.

Always one to keep an eye open for interesting opportunities, in 2000 Richard contacted blue sky research company, Starlab and was personally invited by entrepreneur Walter De Brouwer, to work for his company in Brussels on new technology projects. After Starlab closed in Belgium, Richard worked for Cranfield University and later his local authority in an educational capacity developing e-learning projects.

In October 2011, Richard attended a reunion with Starlab in Barcelona and presented a talk on Quantum Mass Superstructures. This later became the book by the same name.

Since 2012, Richard has focused attention on his ‘alternative/spiritual’ interests, exploring the ‘other side of reality’ and self-publishing a number of books on his findings with the aim of helping others who might be ‘trapped’ by circumstances they feel powerless to change.

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