Richard Gentle – Author

Richard GentleRichard is a writer and wisdom teacher based in Yorkshire (UK) who has been actively exploring the hidden side of life since the age of 18. 

In 1988, he wrote ‘How We Perform Negative Miracles’ – based on his observations that most people experience many incredible things in their lives without noticing how amazing they are – or how they created them! Originally typed, photocopied, and stapled into A5 paper booklets, the updated version of this booklet is available here.

Richard also manages his metaphysical website, keekoo, accessed from the tabs, above.

Richard was a speaker at the 2022 California Seth Conference – ‘Applying Seth’. His talk was: Letting Go of The Fence – From Tests to Trust

See a previous talk at the 2021 California Seth Conference: “Living Seth – Developing Your Own Truth”.

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Over the years, Richard has produced a number of books and downloads that will bring new awareness and positive change to people’s lives.

“I’ve always gained the greatest satisfaction in life through helping others. When I discover information that can be of real value to people, I don’t want to force it on them – I want them to have easy access to it.”

Richard has been a guest speaker on the Law of Attraction Radio Network with Constance Arnold, and given in-person talks in the UK, Brussels, and Barcelona. He has also presented at the online California Seth Conference, USA.

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