Parables for People

Parables for People - stories for modern times
Many of us are familiar with the ‘parable’ format – short stories with symbolism and metaphor to help us understand something in a different way. This collection of 5 short stories is based around this idea of conveying helpful information in accessible and sometimes humorous ways. The other unique feature of these stories is their underlying law of attraction messages.
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1. Empra’s New Nose
2. The Tailored Suit
3. Adding weight to your obesity
4. Road Works
5. Cars, Trucks and Tractors


Empra’s New Nose
“Well then Mr Empra.” exclaimed the surgeon as he handed over a book of noses. “It’s not impossible to change, although to be honest, your nose looks perfectly normal to me.”

Empra remained silent – turning to yet another page of noses. There were so many noses… To be honest, he was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

The Tailored Suit
One day a man was given the pattern for a brand new suit. The basic pattern, although quite plain, was nevertheless elegant in its drawing. The man took the pattern home and laid it out on his table. “This is a rather ordinary suit.” he thought. “Perhaps I can change it to improve it.”

He folded the pattern neatly and placed it in a big envelope – wrote the name and address of his chosen tailor, and posted it.

Adding weight to your obesity
She had tried all manner of diets, drinks and fasting – but nothing… I repeat NOTHING had reduced her size. In fact, if anything, she now seemed larger than ever before!

“Wherever you focus your thoughts – that’s what you attract more of into your life.” replied the woman.

Road Works
Returning home, he met the road works again. The queue was about the same so he knew what to expect in the time it would take to clear them.

The next day, he decided he would definitely not care about being stopped by road works. He would not change route either. He started to wonder if these blocks to going to work were symbolic of not enjoying his job and wanting to delay getting there.

Cars, Trucks and Tractors
Just as he approached the junction, the other car decided to pull out ahead of him.

After a while, he started to get tired of his anger and annoyance. There were simply too many people and too many vehicles! Nevertheless, he decided to modify his attitude.

People who have read this book say…

I love the nose story and the memory of the story has stayed with me. Short easy to follow messsges.” – Sally M Pain (Essex, England)

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