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Richard has written a number of books and booklets on understanding spiritual and personal development and you can access these from this page. Read reviews here. You can also view a pdf page of all book descriptions here.

Books are available from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kindle. You may wish to check Lulu prices for special discounts on paperbacks, before buying from Amazon.

How We Perform Negative Miracles
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What Do You Think?
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Deliberate CreationBeing Well by Richard Gentle

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The A6 size paperback versions of the books, are only available directly from Richard. Please buy from my Keekoo website.

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Crystal Wand Healing - Download from Kindle £1.99 or buy paperback £4.99

What readers say about Richard’s books

How We Perform Negative Miracles
“I found Richard Gentle’s book a wholesome comfort, having read a wide range of self-help books over the years, and dipped sporadically into various religions and belief systems. I very much enjoyed the way in which it is placed firmly in everyday life, is written in plain, understandable English, is totally accessible both in terms of its physical qualities (a slim volume!) and in content. An absolute necessity for the personal ready reference section.” – Sandra, West Yorkshire

How We Perform Negative Miracles
“This booklet is an excellent and simple introduction to the complex subject of concious creation. Anyone starting out upon the road of how, ‘you create your own reality’, will find this a very easy to read introduction. Even people with a deeper understanding may find important insights contained within. I have read most of Jane Roberts, Seth material, books but still gained further understanding from this book”. – P.Deakin, S.Yorks, UK.

Seth, Bashar, Abraham! – All That You See Is Yourself
“I love this book! It synchronizes the teachings of Seth, Bashar and Abraham-Hicks. Reading this book will give you the road map to creating your reality and a happy life. A must read for all explorers of consciousness.” – Andy Dooley Co-founder of TUT.COM and creator of The Manifestor’s Cafe.

“An absolute gem, meticulously assembled and passionately presented. Richard’s narration and personal insights are every bit as profound as the treasures he’s chosen to illuminate. Every reader will find nearly instant relief, empowerment, and transformation in their own lives for the love clearly evident within these pages.” – Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

Being Well
“Very nice little book […] How to heal different kind of illnesses e.g injury, physical illnesses, symptoms as messages, monitoring physical discomfort etc.” – D. Tzoutzouraki (Athens, Greece)

Whatever You Think (aka Seth, Abraham, Bashar) by Richard Gentle, makes an important contribution to understanding the role repetitive thoughts and beliefs play in creating our sense of reality. A vital topic at this pivotal time in the evolution of consciousness.

“Without first becoming aware of our prevailing thoughts, values and beliefs, we cannot understand our selves, or make sense of the world and our relations with it. Let alone change our circumstances or the trajectory of our life journey. We cannot make positive change to what we are unaware of and don’t understand. Richard explains in practical and insightful terms the primary building block to perception. By sharing his experience, research and wisdom, supported by selected quotes from ‘off world’ entities, we are able to distinguish between limiting and expansive beliefs, between self destructive and life-affirming beliefs, between personality and essence and thereby make changes to better align to the fullness of our potential and soul purpose.”

‘The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance.’ – Seth.

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