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Richard talking with Thomas Leichardt, host of The Channeled Truth (23 May 2022)

Richard talks with Constance Arnold on Law of Attraction Radio’s Think, Believe and Manifest Show (28 July 2013)

Constance Arnold -

Constance Arnold – Think Believe and Manifest Show

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LASU4 - was privileged to be asked by Lynda Madden Dahl, to review volume 4 – Seth and Psychic Health. This is what I wrote (appearing both inside and on the back cover):

Living a Safe Universe Vol. 4“Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic Health is the perfect progression from the previous three books of this series. We are now invited by Lynda Madden Dahl to think differently about who we are and how we function. She carefully draws together, and then breaks apart, key Seth information to help the reader really see, feel, and understand the collective components of the whole self. Through a series of carefully constructed bullet points, statements, and exercises, Lynda instantly expands our true self out of the confines of physical constructs and linear-time reality, carefully guiding us until, like walking through our bedroom door into a vast cathedral space of possibilities, we deeply sense a complete and renewed wellbeing – a new ‘whole self reality.’” — Richard J W Gentle

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