Quantum Mass Superstructures

QMS (Quantum Mass Superstructures – Creating the world you experience)

Please note: This 2023 edition of the book is a complete revision of the original.

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This book was originally written as a result of a reunion visit to Starlab, Barcelona, on Friday 21 October, 2011 and describes how the physical universe and the world we all experience was born from creative consciousness. Because the original book was essentially based on the talk, it fell short in some of its detail. The new version has been completely updated and re-written in a number of areas.

QMS explains how individuals and groups create their physical realities and includes colour illustrations. QMS explains the link between conscious creative mind and physical manifestation. (The original first version of this book was bought by world renown explorer and author, Graham Hancock).

For many years, there have been two camps: the mystical/spiritual and the physical/scientific. What follows, is part of my story in arriving at a heuristic view to inform further investigations.

It wasn’t long before I realised, that if you had ideas about an area of specialism – but, you were not a recognised practitioner in the field – then writing a fictional account of your beliefs was by far the best way of testing your ideas on a wider audience.

What surprised him was not that the lead did indeed turn to gold but, that it would not remain as gold and very quickly reverted to its original state of lead.

Quantum Mass Superstructures –

• Originate from creative mind
• Grow through attraction
• Bond by agreement
• Expand through reinforcement
• Solidify over [experienced linear] time

One of the interesting and critical things about any quantum mass superstructure is that: As acceptance grows, “reality” becomes more solid.

We can all experience the duplicity of location when we daydream; you can experience more than one locality at once. Similarly, we now have the means to have multiple instant online text conversations with several people in several countries simultaneously at different local times – something we could not have believed possible only a few decades ago.

Consider now though, a growing collective questioning of a long-held belief that no longer fulfils our need to understand something in the present moment of experienced time. Perhaps something we observed, no longer fits the model we have created to explain it. To this end, QMS challenges  some of the current, scientifically held, views.

Our perception of reality is coloured by our pre-existing experiences and personal beliefs. This makes it very difficult to actually know: What is a “truth”? What really exists and what does not? It is almost impossible for us to respond to anything without personal bias.

When you have a thought about any pre-existing idea, you actually change the nature of what exists…

For a considerable time, the human race has preserved some sense of perceived order – possibly because a few groups generally controlled the populations of creative thinkers around the world. It was possible for most QMS to coexist. Of course, we are talking about different QMS coexisting and this brings us to the touch plane. (When different QMS come into close proximity, there is a likelihood that they will make contact. The point at which contact is made, I have called the “touch plane”).

The number of QMS contained in the Earth is beyond human comprehension.

The interaction of QMS can be very forgiving but, in highly populated areas of the world, we are experiencing the plane edges of colliding QMS and it’s where these edges meet that we experience the greatest changes in our perceptions of reality.

Sometimes, we do not need a lot of words to convey meaning. For example, imagine a lovely sunset.

We actually have two realities, as human beings living in the physical world: The first reality is that there are things that form a basic structure and context for our survival and understanding; the second is that we create personal experiences of reality that can vary from other people.

Scientifically, just because the spiritual person can manifest a drink of coffee, does not mean that he or she knows how it happens!

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