What Ever You Think

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This book is a concise compilation of possibly the most important information ever given to humanity. If you are familiar with the subjects discussed in my previous books (shown above) you will be in the best position to gain the most from this work.

Although the information contained within is widely available, it has never before appeared in one place. This is not a religious book, but if it was, it could be the Bible for the 21st century. The information is concise, precise, and timeless and has taken 32 years of investigation to sift through the key messages and instructions for life-changing action, based on both the personal experience of the author, Richard Gentle, and that of three off-world sources: Seth, Abraham, and Bashar.

All quotes are displayed in italics for quick reference, meaning that you also get the original unadulterated text along with Richard’s personal linking comentary.


You may think you share the same Earth as everyone else, but what if you actually do not? Mystics and channelled entities have informed us for many years that we all experience our own unique worlds; our own versions of the Earth; that we create our own individual experiences of reality.

We are also informed that Humans are multidimensional – not only physical in the way we usually appear to one another, but also with energy that extends into many different realms of conscious existence.

We are told about the simultaneous nature of existence – that past, present and future do not actually exist as separated time intervals.

If all this is true, how can we take advantage of this knowledge? How can we understand something that seems to go against so much of what we think we know and already experience?

Our channelled entities tell us that, in order to experience something, we have to be in vibrational alignment to that which we will experience or wish to receive:

Abraham: “Thought is vibration and law of attraction brings more thought to it.”

Bashar: “You cannot perceive of what you are not the vibration of.”

Seth: “Your feeling-tones are your emotional attitudes toward yourself and life in general, and these generally govern the large areas of experience.”

There are two quick and easy ways to determine what I shall call the ‘quality’ of your vibrational output:

1. Look around your immediate environment and observe what you notice and how you feel about it.
2. Consciously notice how you feel most of the time, regardless of transitory moods.

It’s all very simple really. Stare at something coloured red and convince yourself that it’s yellow!

People who have read this book say…

“I read your book with great interest. I have read the Seth books fairly recently and felt a real resonance with the concepts and ideas that ‘Seth’ proposes. However, the Seth books can be intense and sometimes hard to digest. What I thought your book did well was to crystallise the main components of not just Seth’s ideas, but of other complimentary writers with a similar framework of ideas. You apply the principles to relevant situations in a clear and concise way that serves to illustrate those principles. I have lent your book to a friend who is interested in the Seth books, but finds them difficult to get to grips with. I am sure that your book will be a good introduction for her to Seth. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge in the direction of some pretty mind boggling ways of viewing the universe and our place within it – your book fulfills that function well.

” I am going to further my reading based on your bibliography and am looking forward to this enormously. May the force be with you!” – Lorraine (Yorkshire).

“A great book about personal reality, co-creation and the Law of Attraction. Using information from three channels from which to bounce ideas off from. Would recommend this book for anyone.” – Sally M Pain (Essex, England)

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